Paramount Buys 'First Man' For Johnny Knoxville, Ramps Up 'Mustache Riders' For The 'Jackass' Gang

Paramount Pictures has acquired a new project and made forward progress on another that will star Johnny Knoxville, who has made the studio huge money with the Jackass films. Best of all for Knoxville, both comedies are scripted, which should spare his body at least some abuse.

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JL3727d ago

I'd actually like to see him do some more semi-serious roles. I thought he did very well in Daltry Calhoun and I really enjoyed that movie. Though I do like him in comedies as well.

-MD-3727d ago

Very interested to hear more about Mustache Riders. Loved Bam and Dunn way back in their 'Haggard' days. Check that one out if you haven't seen it!

Soldierone3727d ago

I always find Knoxville entertaining in scripted roles. For example his old man roles and stuff in Jackass are funny as heck. But his actual movies have all been watchable and funny to me. Always wondered why he didnt appear in more though, so this sounds fun.