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What Will Be Batman's New Ride in TDKR?

Batman-On-Film has reported that they've received word from one of their sources on possible new modes of transportation for the Caped Crusader in Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. As we all know, the Tumbler was destroyed in the last, so obviously they'll be working on a new Batmobile of some sorts. There may be other modes of transportation as well, though.

Some people may consider stuff like this a spoiler, so BOF has blacked out the potential spoiler information, meaning you'll have to scroll over and highlight the blacked out area to read.

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darklordzor3717d ago

I wouldn't be opposed to some sort of bat-plane/jet. Since the Tumbler was designed for the army, it's feasible that Lucius Fox would have designed other toys for the military that would involve planes or helicopters. I don't think the Bat-Sub will make it though.

JL3716d ago

Yea I could be fine with a Batplane or jet. I'm sure they could make up something cool. Bat-Sub though I would hope against. I'm curious to see what the new Batmobile will look like too.

CobraKai3715d ago

I was thinking a batwing too, maybe a sleeker but non-cartoony batmobile.