Resident Evil 5 Has A Release Date

The Resident Evil franchise has made a lot of money, and though I’m generally opposed to the works of Paul W.S. Anderson, in this case it’s deserved. Critics will pan it and serious horror fans will turn up their nose at it, but most of the Resident Evil movies are a lot of fun. Big, dumb fun, but fun nonetheless. The last movie, Resident Evil: Afterlife took the fun to an entirely new level with its use of 3D which, believe it or not, was without question some of the best 3D seen in any movie last year.

Resident Evil: Afterlife was the fourth entry, and scored the biggest opening numbers of any film in the RE franchise so far. So it’s no surprise that today Sony confirmed the wheels are in motion to make Resident Evil 5 a reality by announcing September 14, 2012 as its eventual release date.

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JL3727d ago

I'll definitely watch this, though I'll probably wait for a DVD/BD release of it. The last one, though, ensured I'd watch this. That last scene right before the "task force" invades the ship and she's warning them about how they're probably going to get their asses handed to them. I just want to see that fight scene lol

-MD-3727d ago

I love and hate these movies at the same time. On one hand it completely ignores the games and the story is terrible. On the other hand the action is actually pretty sweet most of the time.

I need to see where they take Jill Valentine (fav character) after her tease in the last one.

Soldierone3727d ago

I think they are going to take a turn and start following the games with the new ones a little bit. At least have the games story running alongside the main story.

I mean they brought Jill more focused in the last one, and whats his name is finally in the movies. He is my favorite character in the game and somehow his name just slipped my mind lol.

Soldierone3727d ago

With the game based mechanics and other game based storyline aspects introduced in the last one i am really interested in the next one. I love the franchise, its the one watchable video game adaptation that we can at least enjoy for the hell of it.

The last one wasn't too strong with anything but visuals, so hopefully this one is a bit better.