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Top DVD/Blu-ray Sales and Rentals for the Week Ending February 27, 2011

I’m back again to bring you another week of stats on the home video front. This comes from data compiled by Rentrak for the week ending February 27, 2011. In the sales department, maybe not surprising, Megamind completely destroys the competition as it takes, not only the #1 spot, but the #3 spot as well in its debut week. Yea, that’s right. The DreamWorks animated feature takes up two of the spots in the top five.

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JL3527d ago

It's crazy that Megamind took two of the top 5 spots like that. I didn't think the movie was anything special. It was ok, but average.

Soldierone3527d ago

Still have not seen it. Redbox didnt have it and Blockbuster kiosk didnt have it. And when Redbox finally got it, they were all rented out. So i 127 hours instead, which was an awesome idea.

JL3526d ago

Yea 127 Hours is a real good movie. Great acting by Franco too. I had already seen it, but I ended up buying it Wednesday.