Hi-Def Ninja: The Cable Guy (15th Anniversary Edition) Blu-ray Review

Aaron writes: In 1996, The Cable Guy was released and met with a mixed to negative response. Now, the movie is looked at as an underrated dark comedy that was ahead of its time. For some reason it was cool to dislike it back then, but now it is seemingly uncool to dislike it now. I fall somewhere in the middle. I like and admire some of the elements about this film, but I still feel it falls short overall of what it was going for. I do not think it was Jim Carrey’s fault as an actor, because I think he does very good work in creating the character for his performance. I think it has more to do with Ben Stiller’s work as a director, as I think he was still finding his footing as a director during this time. Still, the movie is now celebrating its 15th anniversary, and plenty of people do find it to be a great, underrated flick.

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darklordzor3528d ago

You know, I never quite understood why so many people were into this movie. All of my friends did nothing but talk about it when it came out, and when I finally saw it, my first thought was "what's the big deal?" It's not a bad movie, but I never saw the appeal it had. Still a cool blu-ray set is hard to pass up.

JL3528d ago

I actually enjoyed it. It ranks up there with some of my favorite Jim Carrey movies.

-MD-3527d ago

If I watched it now it would probably feel like a new movie to me since it's been so long since my last viewing but yeah I remember enjoying it the couple times I caught it at my old friends house.

Probably not in my top 3 Carrey movies but it's nowhere near his worst.