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Hi-Def Ninja: Inside Job Blu-ray Review

Brian writes: The recent financial meltdown is a difficult thing for the average person to wrap his or her head around, despite the fact that its consequences can be so easily seen and felt. In 2008 it seemed like America unexpectedly plunged from an age of prosperity into a dark age of record unemployment, home foreclosures, and depleted retirement savings. Just by following the news and reading the headlines most of us were able to identify the villains; it was the irresponsible actions of wall street and the central banks that led to the devastating financial crisis and current global recession. But, knowing where the blame lies doesn’t make it any easier to understand exactly what happened and how it happened. Luckily, Charles Ferguson’s academy award-winning documentary Inside Job poignantly explains in simple terms how the world was brought to its knees by the greed and corruption of the US’s financial industry.

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