Hi-Def Ninja: Burlesque Blu-ray Review

Jef writes: Burlesque stars an amazing cast including: Christina Aguilera, Cher, Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell, and Alan Cumming. The film centers around nearly everyone’s secret fantasy; to move to Los Angeles and make it big. Christina’s character, Ali, is a small-town waitress that decides to follow that dream and makes her way to LA. After struggling to find work she eventually, and through a bit of crafty manipulation, becomes a waitress at an entertainment bar where she eventually works her way up in the ranks. I wont spoil anymore for you, but you can basically figure out what’s going to happen based on the type of movie it is.

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darklordzor3527d ago

Wow, I didn't care for this movie in theaters, and this is really the first positive review I've seen for it. I know for sure I won't be getting it on blu-ray...I'll save my money for other good releases.