Scream Trilogy Finally Coming to Blu-ray

Lionsgate Home Entertainment announced the released of “Scream,” “Scream 2″ and “Scream 3″ on Blu-ray on March 29th. It seems that Lionsgate is not taking any time releasing those Miramax titles. Moving on, all three films will be released separately with no sign of a boxset of some sort. They are being listed at $19.99 each at most retailers and $17.99 at Amazon.

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darklordzor3523d ago

Hmmmm...For some reason I thought it was already on blu-ray. Wow, I guess that's a good thing then!

JL3523d ago

I'm with you. I thought it was already out on Blu-ray too. Doesn't much matter to me though as I already own the movies and it's nothing I find particularly worth upgrading since I already own them.

-MD-3523d ago

It hasn't yet? Seriously?

Soldierone3523d ago

I dunno why they are not playing the obvious cards here....People want horror films during Halloween, and yet we only get two horror films around that itme these days. Last year we got Saw and Paranormal Activity, and like one other sub par film i forgot about.

Yet they released like 3 during christmas time, and now Scream in friggin March. Youd think releasing these during Halloween, and the new one too, would make them much more money....not only off the movies but merchandising too. Who will buy a Scream shirt right now? Who will buy one during Halloween?

JL3523d ago

I can understand the smaller ones shying away due to competition. I mean during that time, most know they're not competing with heavy hitters like Saw or PA. Of course last year we did get things like Let Me In, I Spit On Your Grave, Hatchet II and a couple others that released at the beginning of October: trying to get there at the season but still steer clear of the heavy hitters.

Then on the other hand you had the Elm Street remake early in the year. Then The Last Exorcism in August I think it was. Of course I don't entirely mind this either. I like horror movies other parts of the year as well. I mean I definitely want to see at least a few released during Halloween season, but last year I think we had plenty to suit me (there are only so many movies I can see in a month afterall). Then they can spread the rest out through the year and I have horror movies to watch periodically throughout the year, instead of getting overkill (no pun intended) in that one month.

Scream, however, I'm not sure why they don't plop it down Halloween weekend. It's such a well established name and a big franchise that sure they don't have to shy away from competition. I mean the only thing coming out that I know of is Paranormal Activity 3 (which I'm sure will draw big crowds as well).

There is also that Dibbuk Box that Lionsgate will be pushing as a replacement for Saw, know nothing about that yet though so not really how well that will even turn out. Oh, I do think The Thing remake is coming out that month too, but that's earlier in the month I think.

So, in short: I somewhat disagree on the spreading horror movies out. I'm fine with that. I'd much rather have horror movies spread out over there rather than having a huge can't-keep-up influx during October, so long as I do get at least 2 or 3 good ones during Halloween season. But I do agree about Scream. That absolutely should be put on a Halloween release.

Soldierone3521d ago

I have no problem with "horror" films coming out throughout the year. Granted most new "horror" films are detective stories or just pure all out gore so it doesn't matter when they come out since they will do about the same in all of them.

However once they become established why should they be afraid of Halloween. It should be like an earned right to release on Halloween. What does a good horror movie do? It scares you, but it also creates icons for Halloween time. Scream has the mask, Freddy cugar, Jason, Jigsaw etc...these are all icons. Then Paranormal has created an "event" too. Im not saying jam ALL horror films here, but to me it doesnt make sense to not have Scream during the prime time. We all know Scream would fiend off anything thrown at it during October.

Maybe its just because i miss growing up with halloween meaning halloween movies. We had chuckies, screams, all kinds of stuff that came out during Halloween. Now it seems to have like no signifigance.

darklordzor3522d ago

Horror films have always seemed to come out at the most random times. It's a sign of the growing genre, and hopefully with Scream 4 coming in April, it's also a sign of confidence in the film's ability.

JL3522d ago

They should have confidence in it. It is a pretty popular and solid franchise. I still think they should have picked a Halloween release though. I think it would fare better there and make them more money in that time frame. A time where people are more in the mood for something like this: the spirit of the season.

At the very least, they better release the DVD for this during Halloween.

Soldierone3521d ago

Well its Scream. I dont think horror has a bigger modern icon period. No matter when it releases its going to do well. However i think the decision to pass up Halloween is tossing out millions of dollars. You could of released the movie during halloween, dominated box office the entire month, released a DVD Blu Ray in March-April instead, then re release the DVD in "special edition" during the following October.

Its like Cloverfield. They didnt have faith in it being a summer Blockbuster, and now they are wishing they did.

And if it is the industry trying to grow the horror genre. The how about some more creative horror movies like qurentine and cloverfield, something psycological instead of the standard slaughter people in as many ways as possible. And release move horror movies around Scream too. There should be like one other big horror film next to Scream in my opinion.