Dual Hobbit Film Titles Revealed

TheOneRing.Net has word that New Line has registered a couple new movie titles that may very well end up being the official subtitles for Peter Jackson's two Hobbit films.

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Soldierone3526d ago

This new "one movie in two parts" thing is becoming a trend and im hating it. Not saying anything bad about this specific Hobbit movie. but whats next? Captain America part 1? Happy Gilmore Part 2 and 3?

JL3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

I understand. I'm fine with it so long as it actually is two movies. But when they're essentially taking just one very long movie and splitting it in half, I don't care for that.

That's something that I actually didn't like about the last Harry Potter movie. I mean it literally felt like "Part 1". It didn't feel like a full movie to me.

If they want to have a "big picture" story that spans over two or three movies, fine. Have at it. Afterall, many a sequels and trilogies were planned that way. But don't give me half of a movie.

On that note, glad they'll be doing the subtitles with this. The Hobbit Part 1 and The Hobbit Part 2 just wouldn't sound right for these.

darklordzor3525d ago

From what we know and what they've said about the films in the past, this won't be one long movie that's split in two. Supposedly the first Hobbit movie will cover all the stuff from the book. Then the second film will help bridge the gap between Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies.

If you look at these reported titles, you can actually see how they are set up that way.

JL3525d ago

Yea I didn't suspect it would be just one long movie cut in half. Wasn't trying to imply that. Simply stating I don't like when movies do that (like the way the last Potter felt).