The Best Animated Comic Book Movies

Games 4 Guys writes: Comic books adaptations aren’t limited to live action television series and movies. There are animated features based on almost every comic property. As fans of so many comic books, superhero TV shows, and their accompanying movies, here is the list of the best animated comic book movies that have been released so far.

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Christopher3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Find it interesting to see Return of the Joker and Red Hood as their two final choices. While I enjoy Red Hood, so much of it screamed just an alternate story to the former tried very hard for the PG-13 rating it has. At least to me.

Kind of sad to see no love for Doctor Strange or the more traditional The Invincible Iron Man cartoon movie.

I've been turned off by the Avengers movies (way too much focus on aliens) and had a similar feeling with the Justice League The New Frontier. The Hulk animated movies have had the same issue you always have with the Hulk when you don't focus on the psychological element of the storyline and that is that he never isn't strong enough.

As an aside, if you want to see a bit more gritty and adult look at Red Hood and some pretty good Batman storytelling, check out the Batman & Robin comic book series by Grant Morrison.

Jimmy the Greek3729d ago

Grant Morrison is God when it comes to Batman.