Elizabeth Hurley is the Villain in NBC's Wonder Woman

Coming Soon says:

Elizabeth Hurley Tweeted today that she has joined Adrianne Palicki NBC's "Wonder Woman," a new series pilot from David E. Kelley ("Boston Legal," "Ally McBeal," NBC's "Harry's Law").

She said: "Thrilled to be doing the NBC pilot Wonder Woman. I'll be playing the evil villain. Can't wait."

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Crazay3523d ago

Good lord she is beautiful. I think this show is shaping up to be pretty good. Hopefully they release some official photos of Wonder Woman soon.

darklordzor3523d ago

Bout time she came back to do some acting...I've sorely missed her. She is still one of the most beautiful actresses around. She as hell blows Olivia Wilde and these other newbies out of the water.

Christopher3523d ago

Agreed. Hopefully this is a good sign of the direction of the show. I do hope it doesn't end up being too much like Birds of Prey where it was weighed down with "women's issues" and storylines to fit it.

I know it sounds weird considering the male dominance, but I really want to watch this show but not sure I could stomach it if it reminded me too much of Sex and the City or The L Word.

JL3523d ago

I think on a certain level they need it to appeal to women as well. However, at the same time, they need it to appeal to the typical demographic of comic book guys. They don't want to alienate the latter for the former.

This is a great chance, I think, for them to widen their fan base and audience for comic book movies. Give it sort of a resurgence. Give the women something they can actually relate to, get them involved in the comic book world. It could be very good business for them.

Soldierone3523d ago

Told you, this show is going to be all about sex appeal. Wont be suprised to see sexual scenes for advertisments and so on. This is the only way the show will survive.

JL3523d ago

I still disagree with this. Of course they'll use sex appeal, that was never doubted I don't think. But at the same time, it's not like they cast Megan Fox. Hurley is actually a fairly talented actress. So we get substance and eye-candy at the same time.

I don't think this show can survive on sex appeal alone. Fanboys will tire of it quickly if that's all their is to it.

And honestly, I hope somebody up in the offices there realize what potential they have here. As I mentioned in my comment above, this is a good opportunity for them to widen their audience and bring females in. They need to give it that substance in order to achieve that. Give females a reason to care about the character and draw them into the comic book world and soon enough they'll start exploring other areas.

I know several girls that just can't get into comic book movies. It's entirely a "guy thing" to them. However, Elektra and Aeon Flux they actually liked. So, you get the impression they want to get into stuff like this, they just need a reason to. Females need a character their own that they can relate to and admire. But they just aren't given that often enough or on a large enough scale.

Of course, in the end, they'll probably fail and muck this up. But this is what they need to be aiming towards and what they need to do.

Crazay3522d ago

Of course there's going to be some insane sex appeal in the show. Have you seen Wonder Woman? That girl is smokin and she can kick my ass any time she wants because I'd let her. But JL is right. Liz Hurley is not only Sexy, but she's smart and a fairly accomplished actress. She'll slide into the role o Wonder Woman's nemesis quite nicely.

They need to keep the show action packed but not hokey. I'm hoping to see a slightly gritty take on the Wonder Woman Universe that's both grounded in reality and the comic but I can def. do without the stupid Lasso of Truth.

My wife is clearly nothing like most girls because she enjoys dick and fart jokes as much as I do. That also means that if it's full of guns, action, swearing, explosions, comic heroes or horror gore, she's all over it. She doesn't know much about comic characters but she's always willing to learn about them and after I told her about this show, she said she was more than willing to watch it with me.

Soldierone3521d ago

Dont get me wrong, I want it to be something other than sex appeal. However look at the studios we are talking with, i dont really think they will try harder for a while unless they are given the opportunity to do so.

I love stories revolving around girls. I love the Wonder Woman cartoon movie. I love games like WET, and movies like Domino. However I dont see this show turning into one of those "yet" and its seeming to be a sex appeal. Look at other shows that revolve around women right now, they are great shows but they advertise the girl acting like a hooker.

With a modern setting and so on, its really easy to turn it into a better show but i dunno if i have the faith in todays main stage crews to do that. I at the very least expect the first half of the first season to be like this, just to grab attention and viewers to go on further and secure a deal that allows them to experiment. Chuck did this.

Like JL said they have the talent, so if they attempt it then it will be done perfectly fine. And id love to see it, i just have doubts.