Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool

Empire says:

Though DC diehards will no doubt be eagerly anticipating the big screen arrival of Green Lantern come June 17, there are still millions of us just as excited about the potential of Marvel’s “Merc With The Mouth” getting his chance to shine in his own lead role.

So as we were on set to speak with Mr. Reynolds himself for our feature on the willpower-wielding cosmic cop (see the current issue), we took a bit of time out with him to talk about Deadpool, beginning with the obvious question… what’s the deal there then?

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Crazay3728d ago

I know very little about Deadpool outside of what I saw in X-Men Origins but Ryan Reynolds appeared to portray the character really well. Would be a shame if they were to go with a different actor.

JL3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Deadpool would actually be a refreshing change to the world of comic book movies, I think. He's something like the comedic relief of the comic book world, while still being a total badass.

Just think badass like Wolverine (just more assassin, then carnal animal), but at the same time a wisecracking funny guy (kind of a bit like Jack Sparrow maybe) that even breaks the fourth wall all the time and provides some very funny moments (like sitting there in the middle of a comic and arguing to the writer that he needs a new costume, etc).

He would be a very welcome fresh take on the comic book movie.

Christopher3728d ago

Sad thing is that I wish he had done Deadpool over Green Lantern. What I've seen so far of GL kind of scares me. His attitude in general is perfect for Deadpool, but I think he gets carried away with it big time in GL when he's supposed to be a more earnest. I hope to be proven wrong.

JL3728d ago

I agree. I'd have much more preferred a Deadpool movie over a Green Lantern movie this year. I've seen nothing about Green Lantern that makes me excited to see that movie. It's looking like it will turn into a "wait till it hits Blu-ray then rent it" type deal for me. Deadpool, however, would've been interesting and he would indeed have been able to nail that role much better.

darklordzor3727d ago

If this movie ends up happening I have a strong feeling Reynolds won't be in it. After GL he's got RIPD (possibly) and if GL does good, he's already locked in for more sequels to that. His plate will be incredibly full and it'd be hard to sneak Deadpool in there. I like the character and think a film on his own could be good...but who knows.

Crazay3727d ago

He is a pretty hot commodity right now and his stock will only be further elevated should Green Lantern prove to be a hit.