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Warner Bros Sets Diane Lane For Superman's Adopted Mother, Martha Kent

Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures announced today that Oscar®-nominated actress Diane Lane will play Martha Kent, the only mother Clark Kent has ever known, in the new Superman movie to be directed by Zack Snyder.

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Crazay3980d ago

Don't think I can get behind this casting choice (though I could get behind her). She's far too good looking and young to be in the role of Martha Kent.I guess all I can do is hope that they do up some sweet makeup job on her to make her look older.

Soldierone3979d ago

Thankfully im not the only one that was thinking this. At first it was like "wow good call" then i saw her picture here and couldnt help but think "isnt she a bit young?"

Then again it is a revamp of everything so maybe he is younger too during this portion of the movie.

JL3979d ago

Well she is 46. Cavill is 28. So it's not exactly a stretch. Plus making someone look older (if they need to) isn't hard by any means in Hollywood.

Plus, I think that might be a slightly old picture of her, whereas she looks a bit older now.

I'm fine with the casting though. It's nothing that ruins it for me, at all.

Crazay3979d ago

SHE'S 46?!?!?

Damn. She's either got really good genetics or I'm getting old because she is blazing hot.

-MD-3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

Diane Lane has always been smokin'. She's a bonafide milf 100%

I find the hottest women to be in their late 30's and 40's. I'm only 20 too which is weird. I guess I'm into older chicks.

Soldierone3978d ago

I would admit that ive noticed some 30 to 40 year old chicks to be good looking, but not a lot. Plus the age usually throws me off in my mind. Im not allowed to look at girls anyways :P GF rule haha.

However i was thinking "well just add make up" too but why waste it? Its like casting Megan Fox, but aging her 50 years and putting granny panties on her and a old women clothers. There isnt really a point at this point in her career.

All im saying is you might as well change it a little bit and have a younger girl find Superman at first, you can age her later too, just make sure to have her young for a little bit.

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darklordzor3979d ago

I think she'll do just fine. I'm not too worried about how she looks. There are plenty of older women that still look young and are very pretty. In the end I don't think it'd be as big a stretch as people are worried about.

The real stretch is making her marriage to Kevin Costner look believable....if he ends up playing Pa Kent.

JL3978d ago

I actually think her and Costner could make a pretty decent on-screen couple. They look like they could do well beside each other. So I'm not concerned about that.

barb_wire3978d ago

What's the freaking big deal? She's 19yrs older than Henry Cavill who's playing Supe's.. you do know she has a 17yr old daughter, right?

JL3978d ago

I think the concern some people may have is that she is one of those women that just looks young for her age. That she's aged very well. But I don't see it as being a problem. If they do need her to look older, they have a makeup department. Everything should be fine and I'm good with this casting choice.