Donnie Yen in Legend of the Fist Trailer Looks Awesome

AICN says:

Hey folks, Harry here... with a really killer trailer for the latest Donnie Yen badassery, LEGEND OF THE FIST - which is getting a limited release in April! In particular - it does me proud to see the FANTASTIC FEST logo in on this trailer as well as AICN and former-AICN team player Devin "the madman" Faraci. There's a sequence that kicks off this trailer that once you see - will guarantee your ass in a seat. It has mine. I want to see this...yesterday! So cool looking.

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Crazay3527d ago

This flick looks fun despite the guy looking like Kato from The Green Lantern but unless they get some dubbing on it, I'll probably never see it.

Christopher3526d ago

Huge Donnie Yen fan, wish he did more screen work. Though, I do wish it was a bit more varied for the blockbuster titles. Ip Man and now this looks like they just have him following in Jet Li's footsteps for leading roles.

As for this movie, looks like China's response to what Rogan's Green Hornet remake placed in the typical Japanese occupation of China period. I know Donnie Yen was one of the guys Rogan wish he could have gotten for the Kato role and was turned down very quickly by him. Possible further proof in his Bruce Lee mannerisms in part of the movie.

I'm guessing the actions in this movie will somehow tie into the actions take in the Jinan Incident in 1928 and a possible tie in for a sequel set during the increased occupation of Jinan and other areas in the same province by Japanese soldiers.

KILLERAPP3521d ago

I saw these movie months ago, it was good love the final fight is a good action movie just love his movies have most of his work…