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The Hangover Part II is Chasing Charlie Sheen

Badass Digest:
Mel Gibson was too hot for The Hangover Part II, but not Charlie Sheen. At least that’s according to a trusted source, who tells me that Todd Phillips spent the last couple of days trying to secure the melting down actor for a cameo in The Hangover Part II.

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Soldierone3519d ago

Ummmm all the more reason to hate the crew then? Anyone else feel the same? They dont let Mel Gibson be in it because of "issues" he has had, yet they are trying to secure a deal with sheen? Which "issues" of the same area are more recent and abundant everywhere?

-MD-3519d ago

Yeah I don't really understand that at all. From what I understand though it was Zach Galafanakis that was the one that didn't want Gibson in the film.

I personally would love Sheen to make an appearance.

artynerd3519d ago

Ahhh how soon we forget how insane the Mel Gibson tapes were... the dude was threatening to brutally beat down and kill someone. Sheen is just a little party crazy and loony. Big difference.

Soldierone3518d ago

Dunno. After reading about his "two girfriends" and kicking is actual wife off vacation for odd reasons and so on. I lost a bit of respect for him.

The guy is obviously high on life since everything is going his way lately, and will be begging for jobs when all his money is gone again.

Crazay3519d ago

Meh - I could really care less if he were to have a cameo in the movie of if he were to be made into a regular character.

outwar60103518d ago

this would make me watch it

Senden3518d ago

Come on Charlie Sheen might be a bit crazy but people like him actually make celebrity news interesting for people like me. From my experience with reading showbiz news it's usually "o look how fat that girl looks in that dress" or "check out that new haircut" it's freaking boring. Some of Sheen's interviews are legendarily crazy but great watches/reads.

JL3518d ago

Eh, I hate all that tabloid stuff. And the Sheen situation definitely falls under tabloid to an extent. He's crazy. Yay. Get over it people. If he was a homeless guy on the street, he would be the exact type you'd turn your head and ignore and just walk on by because he was crazy. But he's a celebrity so people want to milk it.