The Next 'Walking Dead'? Comic Book Superstar Brian Michael Bendis on FX's 'Powers' Pilot

EW says:

Last year, an acclaimed indie comic book called The Walking Dead made the leap from spinner rack to small screen, becoming a smash hit for AMC. Now another cable network is hoping for similar success with another highly-respected alt-comics property: Last week, FX announced it was producing a pilot for a proposed series based on Powers, a long-running saga about cops in a city teeming with superheroes.

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Crazay3529d ago

I would totally check this out but we don;t get FX here....Seems I may need to find other ways but I'll wait until one of my trusted filmwatch users watches it and reviews before I do.

Christopher3528d ago

I think the concept has a ton of potential. It's great to see how Super Powers affect people from the other side rather than having a super powered protagonist. Also, it allows for some of the more elegant and political storylines we've seen and love (Watchmen) put into an ongoing perspective.

I haven't read the comics yet, but this has made me interested and I'll need to find some time to check it out to see how the writing holds up with the concept.

Side note: Very happy to see The Cape get canned.

Crazay3528d ago

It was canned? When did that become official?

Christopher3528d ago

Okay, admittedly not official, but pretty much a given considering NBCs decisions. Cut back to 10 episodes from 13. Decide against a double airing of episodes, instead going with also-poor-viewership alum Chuck. Now, not even going to air the full freshman season on air, but last episode via the Web.

No one's officially said it yet, but I don't see how it wouldn't be canceled.

Crazay3528d ago

Then ya - that's pretty much the death knell.

JL3528d ago

Funny you mention Watchmen. I just finished watching that again. The first time I wasn't too taken by it. Just thought it was ok, if a bit boring. The second time, however, I enjoyed it. Still don't think it was as great as the fanboys make it out to be, but enjoyable.

On that note, I think a concept like that would be better suited as a TV series rather than a movie. Just allows for the multiple stories to take place that way. Whereas movies are typically about the story, series are more about the concept and format. For me, it was the concept/atmosphere/feel and format that made the movie. The actual story itself wasn't anything special, it was more the way the story was told. That and the characters. And characters like that, I feel, shine better in a series.

That being said, take something like this that has that kind of concept of Watchmen and make it a series, it could indeed be good. I might have to check it out.

Christopher3524d ago

The graphic novel does a much better job on the political ramifications. Think The Incredibles for adults with a more relatable reference to the Cold War era.

It's in the movie, just not easy to see unless you know to look for it or were actually paying attention. Most people I know who never read the graphic novels didn't even understand what Ozymandias was trying to do at the end, only that he was a guy out to destroy the world because he's evil and had a Hitler complex.

JL3524d ago

I'm sure I missed some things (maybe things I'd pick up in another viewing of the movie), but I think I got it all for the most part, like the major points, etc. I haven't read the graphic novels though.

I know I definitely understood what was going on with Ozymandias at the end. A sort of "thrust people into peril so that they may band together and peace can be reached" thing. Kind of a cynical way to reach that peace but effective nonetheless. It was almost along the same type of lines as The Dark Knight's "play the bad guy and give the people a martyr (Dent) so that they have a reason to band together and rise against evil rather than lose hope and cower in the wake of it".