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Scream 4 Will Not Be PG-13

Shocktillyoudrop says:

Despite the rumors, Scream 4 is not being toned down for the teen crowd.

The MPAA has weighed in on the fourth chapter and granted it an R "for strong bloody violence, language and some teen drinking."

Speculation began early as to whether or not the sequel would get a PG-13 or an R - not sure why, as every film to date has received the latter.

The first film was repeatedly submitted to the MPAA to receive an R after the ratings board gave it an NC-17. Parts two and three easily scored their rating once Craven and the MPAA got into a groove.

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Crazay3980d ago

This is some incredibly exciting news. I'm a huge Kevin Williamson fan and I love EVERYTHING he does. The original Scream movie was the first horror movie that actually had me sitting on the very edge of my seat for the entire movie.

This movie is going to be freakin sweet.

Soldierone3980d ago

This is awesome in a way, but also kind of sad. The Scream crowd has gotten a little older, but you also need to start developing the younger teens now too. With an R rating, sales are going to slump A LOT and it will be even harder to bring scream back to the teenagers on Halloween.

However for those of us old enough, AWESOME. All the more hope that this one will be decent.

darklordzor3980d ago


I think most of you know by now that horror movies are not something I really enjoy. I just don't care for them most of the time. The Original Scream is one of the few that I adore, and can't get enough of. It's a big reason why I'm excited to see this one. My hopes would have been absolutely dashed if it had gotten a PG-13 rating.

Crazay3980d ago

You don't like Horror movies? DUDE!!! I;m going to make you a list of movies that you need to check out.

Soldierone3980d ago

Id be interested in this list as well.

Im a horror movie making fan, but all the horror movies i have seen recently sucked. They have no substance to them and all they do is kill people in brutal ways. Its like "thats interesting, but ive seen 30 people get their throat cut now."

Crazay3980d ago

The problem is that you're watching movies that are deemed as "horror" now. Horror now is what I consider to be "Shock" or "Torture Porn". They lost touch with what made horror movies "Horror".

My opinion of a horror movie is telling a story that makes the viewer sit on the edge of their seat feeling tense. Horror flicks today don't do that because they prefer to go for the shock factor and gore as opposed to the scare tactics.

JL3980d ago

The problem isn't necessarily that current horror movies aren't horror (they are), it's just that nowadays there are a vast number of subgenres in the horror genre. The key is finding the right subgenre for you. Though I will say, tension is something of a lost element in several of those subgenres. Which is an element I really like. Though it doesn't make the others non-horror movies, just horror movies I appreciate less because they just don't scare me (and frankly, if I watch horror, I WANT to be scared).

Moving on, there's "torture porn", slasher films, psychological horror, supernatural horror, paranormal horror, monster movies, horror thrillers/dark suspense, sci-fi horror (aliens, etc), apocalyptic horror, gothic horror, pagan/ritualistic horror, human atrocity, creature features, vampires, werewolves, zombies, horror comedy and so on and so on.

The key is just finding which type of horror appeals to you (if any--some people just don't like horror).

Soldier: by that comment I guess "torture porn" or "splatterpunk" and possibly even some slasher works aren't really your type.

I tend to lean more towards the psychological horror. Though I do like some in various other subgenres.

thebudgetgamer3980d ago

it shoud get a rating of p-u

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