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Gore Verbinski on Re-Animating the Wild West

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Even with radical shifts in filmmaking style throughout a resume that includes Mousehunt, The Ring, The Weather Man and three "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, it's hard to pinpoint the kind of schizoid creativity that gave birth to the weird, wonderful western world of Rango.

The story of a nameless chameleon lost in the desert (voiced by Johnny Depp) who stumbles into a Western town in crisis and reinvents himself as the town's hero, Rango, the film pays tribute to all manner of storytelling, eclectically nodding to (among a great many other things) the works of Hunter S. Thompson, Roman Polanski, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Sergio Leone.

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Crazay3520d ago

There's a few interesting tidbits on The Lone Ranger and a Bioshock movie in this interview.

Soldierone3519d ago

Yeah the second half of the interview was rather interesting i would say.

Soldierone3519d ago

There are some things i liked about what he said

-"You look at these things and here's an animated movie. I've never done that. It's sort of a paid education and it grows with you. But it stops when things get too comfortable and people phone things in. Mediocrity is a force and, for me, the way to combat it is to get nervous and get out of my element. It gets you up in the morning. It gets you excited."
More directors need to be like this. Thats just awesome, he loves venturing out and when he isn't venturing on anything he moves to something else. Who does that these days? Its cool and keeps things good.

Also He talked about Bioshock. "It needs to be scary" my god let this man make the movie! He isnt getting buyers because of an R rating and so on, let him make it! Sounds a lot more interesting than that adventure movie with a family in it...whats it know its supposed to be uncharted. lol

Crazay3519d ago

Bioshock has to be made and it has to be done in an "R" setting. Preferably a "Hard R" and I think he can make this movie very eerie and scary they way it's meant to be.