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Official Release of Live Action Killzone Short - Killzone: Extraction

A little over a week ago, renowned independent filmmaker Clinton Jones released a teaser trailer for his latest work of art, Killzone: Extraction. While only a short glimpse, the trailer gave a clear indication of the quality and polish we've come to expect from Pwnisher, and the looming intensity he's created within the Killzone universe. Now, a week later, we can feast on the full-length version; over 5 minutes of well directed, well edited, and subtly stylized live action Killzone greatness.

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Soldierone3980d ago

I was checking it out the other day. Being an indie film its pretty good.

There are some things I would of changed, and it would be nice to have somewhat of a story lol. This was just guys fighting and explosions.

iamnsuperman3980d ago

Also would be nice to have similar weapons also from the game to this short film. Bullpup rifle similar to the L85A2 seams the ost similar to the ingame ISA rifle but in general not a bad short