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Judd Apatow Talks Pee-Wee Herman Movie And ‘Knocked Up’ Spinoff

Screen Junkies:
We knew Judd Apatow was an emperor of comedy productions, but I for one didn’t know he was a humanitarian. I got this press release that the Venice Family Clinic was honoring Apatow with a Humanitarian Award at their Silver Circle Gala on Feb. 28, so it sounded like a good cause and a chance to catch up with Apatow.

The small red carpet, only five reporters after the photo pit, offered a chance to get intimate with Apatow. The charity story revealed some of his humble beginnings in comedy. Then it was onto the big news of the new Pee-Wee Herman movie he’s producing, the Knocked Up spinoff he’s writing and directing, and the Oscars which were still fresh news the next day.

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darklordzor3981d ago

Meh...I honestly see myself passing on both of those movies. Not interested in a Knocked Up spin-off and I think I'm past the part of my life in which I enjoyed Pee Wee.

Christopher3981d ago

Ditto. Though, I did enjoy the SNL Digital Short with Pee Wee. But, a full movie? I think I've had enough of that. I know I've had more than enough of Apatow's comedic formula.

darklordzor3980d ago

Yeah, Pee Wee was cool when I was younger, and his first full feature length film holds a nostalgic part in my heart, but that time is over. I'm not sure what audience they would go for with it. Would it still be geared towards the kiddos, or would they try and hit the older/nostalgic crowd?

Crazay3980d ago

PeeWee is going for the older crowd now. I think it could be lots of fun to see a proper PeeWee movie especially with Apatow at the helm.

-MD-3980d ago

I'm down for a Knocked Up spinoff. Not really sure about it focusing on Rudd's character though.

Soldierone3980d ago

Knocked Up Spinoff....can Hollywood milk absolutely anything and get away with it....

The first one was decent but it wasnt great and it hardly made me laugh. Probably my least favorite movie Seth Rogan was in to be honest.