TMP Editorial: Defending Superman's Return

With all the rumors and commotion going on about Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, it's inevitable that conversations lead into talk about Superman Returns. TMP takes a look at the reviled film to see whether or not it deserves all of the hatred it gets.

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Crazay3531d ago

OH DLZ - That is one fine breakdown of that movie. Very eloquently put and all very justified. The Kryptonite being invented to allow the radio actor a chance to take a break is something I didn't know. Very cool tidbit of info and a very good read.

darklordzor3530d ago

That's why I'm here! :)

But seriously, I appreciate your comment. Superman Returns was something I enjoyed immensely when I first saw it in the theaters, and being that I tend to over analyze movies (symbolism and such) all of the tweaks Singer made, struck a chord with me. So I hate seeing all of the negativity it's receiving.

As for the tidbit of Superman information...that should show you how nerdy I really am.

Crazay3530d ago

No man that was great seriously. Thanks for sharing.

Soldierone3530d ago

Wow and here i am thinking im the only comic book fan that enjoyed that movie. It gets hate and hate and there is never people that actually appreciate it as a film. It was a pretty good movie and i liked it, i never once stepped on the hate train.

If this new one is good, suddenly people will love that movie.

darklordzor3530d ago

You guys are too nice, and SoldierOne, I'm so glad to see another person that feels the same way. Over on my site, all my other writers feel the opposite :( So I'm surrounded by haters.

Crazay3530d ago

Looks like Soldier and I are here to support you buddy. I liked it too.