5 Villains Who Should Be in the Superman Reboot

IGN Says:

Superman vs. Viggo Mortensen's General Zod in Zack Snyder's Superman reboot is a great idea. But Superman vs. Zod feels like a "safe" choice, especially coming from the guys who gave us Watchmen and The Dark Knight.

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Crazay3528d ago

A great article. I really love the idea of a return of Zod, but I think Brainiac would be particularly epic especially if he has henchmen like Bizarro.

Christopher3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

The problem I see is that the live action Superman movies have notably been lax in utilizing many of the "stranger" elements of the comics and animated series. Doomsday, Bizarro, and Parasite seem a huge leap to make from what we've seen him fight in the other live action movies.

I do agree that I'm just tired of Lex Luthor, and not just in the live action films either.

From their list, I could see Metallo and Braniac being the best options for an opponent. That is unless DC was looking to take their live action films into waters that are typically left for Marvel heroes.

Though, honestly, it's unlikely we'll see any of these in the next movie, but possibly in the sequel if it doesn't end up being average like Superman Returns.

JL3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

If anybody could be trusted with doing that, though, I think Snyder would be a great option to venture into those "stranger" fantasy world elements.

With Nolan's "guidance" of sorts, Snyder could turn this franchise around like Nolan did with Batman. While Nolan is more grounded in realism, Snyder has that fantasy thing down. Take some pointers from Nolan, but let Snyder do his thing and get out there with the fantasy aspect of it (add in a little "darkness") and this could be absolutely awesome.

This could end up making a huge name for Snyder. Especially since he has Nolan's crew writing the script (which is the area that has been holding Snyder back as he's a bit lacking in that department).

Soldierone3528d ago

Its a Superman reboot, with that being said.

-NO to Doomsday. I would absolutely love to see him on the big screen, but not in a reboot film. You cant come back, then kill Superman right away. You need to build him again and make people love him again, then kill him.

-Todays visual effects, why is there no petitions for Darkseid?! Its like the ultimate Superman villian and Superman hates his guts to the max you could hate someones guts. Thats probably the most fun thing to write with period. I seriously want Darkseid.

-No superman movie is complete without a mention of Luthor, no iffs and or butts about it.

JL3528d ago

Agreed. I would like to see a Doomsday, but it's definitely something they need to build to.

And Darkseid would be an awesome villain to focus on. Brainiac would be nice too.

It would be a nice change to see one of these villains featured rather than the normal. However, I do like the idea of Viggo as Zod if they go that route. I think he could nail that part.

Crazay3527d ago

Agreed - Doomsday needs to be part of a bigger story. Darkseid is fine but Brainiac just seems to make so much more sense for this one.

darklordzor3527d ago

Am I the only one who doesn't care to ever see Doomsday in a movie? Would it be cool? Hell yes, it would be ridiculously awesome, but on the whole, there isn't much to his character. Sorry, I prefer my villains to have some sort of substance to them.

Doomsday is essentially an animal; agressive and feral. There isn't a whole lot of depth there, and nothing that Superman really would have to use his mental abilities for as well. Just not enough substance there for it to be done right.

General Zod is just about always my top choice. Brainiac is always good, and Metallo would be very interesting to see.

Soldierone3527d ago

The thing is its nothing about Doomsday at all. Its the story Doomsday brings with him. He kills Superman, he has an epic battle and kills Superman. If done right they would end the movie with Superman dead and bring him back in a second film. unlike the cartoon where he was dead midway through and came back at the end.

Doomsday as a character sucks, i agree, but we only need to see him once.

Crazay3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

@DLZ - You might be the ONLY one in the world who doesn't want to see this.

Many are also calling for the death of bats in the next Batman flick. Why? because it's a fitting end to that Universe and it would be the fitting end to the Superman universe that's being started up right now.

Yes! Doomsday isn't much of a character, but he could be presented as a feral being that's be slightly tamed by someone/something and used as a tool to dispose of Superman. To see Supes die...well I have to admit that it would kill me just a little bit inside but this is Superman. A hero as epic as him should get a story equally as epic. This would not only cause a great stir for the fans of the comic, but for non fans who only know of Superman to be an invincible hero from another planet.

I don't think Doomsday should be in the next movie since we're like;ly to be regaled with the whole origins story but for the 2nd and 3rd I think we'd have an insanely awesome story arch for the new series and a very cool ending because I think Hollywood wants to run in 3s before moving on.