'Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation' Slip Reveals Return of the Toybox Gang

EW says:

Sometimes even toys need a little play time. Unfortunately, Barbie’s Ken screwed up the vacation plans. That’s the premise of Pixar’s new animated short, Hawaiian Vacation, which picks up with the characters of Toy Story 3 as they settle into their new life with little girl, Bonnie.

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Crazay2977d ago

Awwwww....I think I ruined the end of Toy Story 3 for myself by watching this.


Soldierone2976d ago

Little bit but not really. There are a bunch of things that happen and you havent seen anything in regards to the major spoiler so you are fine.

darklordzor2976d ago

Can't wait for this. It'll be good to see the gang back together again in some form or fashion.

Soldierone2976d ago

Yay my second reason to see Cars 2! haha lets just hope im not running late for the first time in forever and actually catch it lmao

-MD-2975d ago

How did this pass through with that glaring mistake in the title?

Soldierone2975d ago

I think i approved it on accident...which means it only needed 2 or 3 more.