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Mark Wahlberg Dishes on 'The Fighter 2'

Extra TV says:

"Extra's" Mario Lopez caught up with "The Fighter" star Mark Wahlberg as he was arriving to the 83rd Academy Awards -- and the actor hinted there might be a sequel to his Oscar-nominated film.

"Now we're gonna talk about doing No. 2," Wahlberg explained. "We're gonna do the Ward /Gatti trilogy and make it real," referring to the real-life Mickey Ward's three fights with his most fierce opponent, Arturo Gatti. "And you know what? You may want to play Gatti," the actor laughed with Lopez.

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Crazay3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

That could be pretty freakin sweet. Gatti and Ward had some awesome slugfests. Check out some of the highlights on youtube.

JL3719d ago

That would be all good and great if The Fighter actually did a proper job of highlighting the boxing. Instead it focused on the family drama. Even the little boxing it did include seemed lacking to me.

Soldierone3719d ago

So its like the new Rocky....Hollywood is becoming what they make fun of the game industry with all the time....sequals of sequals of sequals with rebooted sequals. Nothing original anymore.