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Academy Award Winning Movie: Parody...Schmarody

FilmMattic writes: Let's face it. I love to impose my love for parodies on my blogging audience. Today—still ruminating in a post Oscar hangover—I will once again temper my dismay at Sunday night's proceedings by bringing to your attention a hilarious parody of "every Academy Award winning movie ever."

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Christopher3724d ago

The article itself is almost as good as the video. As a huge fan of parodies, I enjoyed it for what it is. Strange that they didn't work in the typical sci-fi concept of questioning what is reality.

filmmattic3724d ago

Thanks for the comment!

I am delighted that you liked my article because the excellence of the video speaks for itself. It was fairly cumbersome to duplicate the loquacious style of the parody, but I held firm to that approach.

Yes, the lack of any overt sci-fi reference was disappointing because it is such an immensely relevant genre of film. Perhaps, they will devote an entire parody to sci-fi; I'd be greatly intrigued by that undertaking.