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MGM In Talks With Jose Padilha To Direct 'Robocop' Reboot

Deadline says:

EXCLUSIVE: MGM is negotiating with Brazilian director Jose Padilha to direct Robocop, the remake of the futuristic 1987 film originally helmed by Paul Verhoeven. The original was about a cop who was near death and was drafted to become a powerful cyborg cop, until suppressed memories of his past life come back to haunt him. Peter Weller played the character in the original him in the original and the 1990 sequel.

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Crazay3531d ago

This would be a cool project for anyone to be a part of. I loved the original Robocop and actually bought the 'X Rated' Criterion edition of the movie with all the extra violence in it for $80 back in the day when DVD was still catching on.

darklordzor3531d ago

I really wanted to see what Aronofsky would have done with this reboot, since he really wanted to do it. Oh well, I'm still excited to see Robocop make a return...I loved that movie and still watch it when it's on.

Crazay3531d ago

Ya that could have been pretty cool especially if they let him run wild with it. Hes a pretty creative dude with lots of sweet messed up ideas. That probably would have been a match made in heaven.

Christopher3530d ago

Aronofsky is already working on something somewhat similar, it seems.

Machine Man

"A tech firm engineer who use titanium to upgrade his body finds himself targeted by people who want to get their hands on his inventions."

JL3530d ago

Seems like that could be interesting. Probably a good bit different than RoboCop. Of course it will at least have Aronofsky's twisted vision added to it.

I also like that that project will see him re-teaming with his Black Swan co-writer.

Soldierone3530d ago

Beleive it or not my GF has never seen Robocop. Not once on TV not once on DVD, and not once during the many times i watched it on VHS lol. She somehow misses it everytime, and tells me constantly she has never seen it. Even her brother told her to watch it lol.

this is a "classic" in a way and touching it is iffy. Of course with todays technology it could be cool, but it still needs that goofy feel to it to be good.

JL3530d ago

I would agree it's a "classic" in the same sense that "Howard the Duck" or "Short Circuit" is a classic.

As a kid I really enjoyed it, it was cool and a fun watch. Haven't watched it since then really, but it just seems now like a kind of "cheesy" type movie that was just cool in the 80's and early 90's when I was a kid.

Crazay3530d ago

BAHAHA - Howard the Duck is AWESOME!!!

Yes Robocop is a classic Sci-Fi but it's not so classic that they can't reboot/remake it unlike some movies that are so timeless touching them would be blasphemous.

thebudgetgamer3530d ago

i seems like people gave up on trying to do something different.

GodsHand3530d ago

I'd buy that for a dollar.

Crazay3530d ago

Hahahah - Come on dude that was a seriously great line in that movie and Red Forman was great in it. The best line in the movie was "Bitches! Leave!" after Red busted into that OCP executives house.

GodsHand3529d ago

All time classic line there, but I have a feeling the reboot won't pay homage to that line.

Crazay3529d ago

You're right - I doubt bitches leave will be back but I'd buy that probably will be.

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