Rely on Horror: Devil DVD Review

Rely on Horror:
M. Night Shyamalan is an enigma. He wrote a decent movie called “The Sixth Sense” back in 1999 and it was met with praise and had one of the most annoying one-liners that would plague dialogue in film and everyday life alike for years to come…something about seeing dead people… Anyway, so he makes this film –and in all fairness it was a respectable outing that left audiences shaken and satisfied. Instead of continuing to make quality films however, he has ridden the coat-tails of his early success by making terrible movies and by an incomprehensible backing from Hollywood somehow manages to milk audiences for more money every time he releases a film with his name stamped on it. His films have grown increasingly worse and in the past three years he has put out three of the worst films I have ever seen, including the latest: “Devil”.

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