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The Sony Geniuses writes:
This time around we decided to take a look at another money maker for Sony that we have yet to talk about. Yes, I am talking about Blu-Ray. Blu-ray is an integral part of Sony products, from there HDTV's and their PS3's and Blu-ray players. Today we are gonna look at one of the best Blu-rays of all-time. The funny thing about that, is that it hasn't even released yet.

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Christopher3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I don't know why, but I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but I am still very picky about my Star Wars. I dislike the first three chapters (not the first three movies made), and a really dislike the edits and CGI enhancements that were made to the final three chapters. Han Solo shooting first is extremely important to me, let alone the fact that the 'edit' made to make it look otherwise look amateurish on DVD. I can only imagine how much worse it might look in HD.

So, for me, I love that they're offering the trilogies in separate bundles, but even then I'm just not at all happy with what they're selling.

So, until George offers the original theatrical release of the original trilogy, I'm just not into this at all. If he comes out with it down the road, even if packaged with the first three, then I'll consider buying it.

And, as far as the "Best Blu-ray of all time," I think Blade Runner was the best I've seen so far. Not because it's the best movie, but because the HD quality really showed how much love went into the design and set/model building that still stands up well today. At least IMHO. Not to mention how much work they put into giving us multiple cuts and tons of great extra content with the movie.

JL3528d ago

I, too, am not a huge fan of Star Wars. In fact, I never got into it much at all. Especially not to the degree that the average Joe has. I'm not picky about it either. Though I will say I preferred the original trilogy over the prequel trilogy.

As for best blu-ray (as far as picture quality goes), my vote would go to Avatar. The movie itself it overrated as hell and pretty average, but it does look beautiful. Also the Pirates of the Caribbean movies look great. Pretty much any animated movie too (especially Pixar's).

I must ashamedly admit that I've never seen Blade Runner. And I'm not just talking about the Blu-ray. I'm talking haven't seen the movie at all...period.