CBS Begins Courting John Stamos to Replace Charlie Sheen (for Real This Time)

E!Online says:

While Charlie Sheen was on a press tour this weekend, CBS' top boss man was on a quest to save Two and a Half Men.

I just got word that Les Moonves had a nice chat with John Stamos on Saturday about replacing Sheen on the hit sitcom.

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darklordzor3528d ago

I'm inclined to believe this just because they are getting very tired of putting up with Sheen's crap. Sheen made it clear in all of those interviews he did yesterday that he wasn't going to make it easy to work with him.

I'm sure the producers are tired of it and just want to get things moving again. I can't say replacing him would be a good move. Hopefully if they do bring in a new character it won't be the exact same character or character type. It just wouldn't work and would seem way out of place. Who knows maybe it's just time to move on from the show, as popular as it is.

Honestly I haven't cared for the show in a while. It's interesting and I laugh when I catch it, but it's not something I go out of my way to try and see.

Crazay3528d ago

I suspect that Stamos would replace Sheen in the same role. Other TV series' have done it before and been fine.

darklordzor3528d ago

Doesn't mean it will be the same though, or that it'll be any better. I would love to have a new character dynamic in the show to flesh things out more.

Soldierone3528d ago

Im sure you saw it, but to help with what im saying

"It wouldn't be to play Charlie's character but they talked more about introducing a new character."

So im assuming Sheen gets kicked out, or the other two move out and find this character. Maybe he house sits or something who knows. It should be fine, the show was dying anyways and needed something to spark it.

Soldierone3528d ago

Told you they will do it without him, i said it like ten other times and people didnt want to believe me. Im not a big fan of "replacing" him, especially with a known face? Nothing against John but im not sure how he fits in this show at all?

However its the right move. Sheen was given a gift of a second chance and he turns and acts like a punk to everyone. You cant blame your life problems due to your own mistakes on someone else. If you need a break then request a break, tell them they are working you to hard, im sure they will understand. A public affair is just stupid and cries "i need attention." i also think the talks with Disney/ABC about the baseball movie are whats causing a lot of it. Notice all his exclusive interviews and outbreaks are coming from ABC?

Show wasn't going to last too much longer anyways. Hopefully it lasts 2 or 3 seasons with John in place though, just to hurt Sheen even more as people forget.

Crazay3528d ago

Right - he is being a bit of a princess and this is no doubt going to hurt him to some degree but what does it matter? He's made millions.

Stamos is alright and i wouldn't have a problem with him taking over the role.

Soldierone3528d ago

Im actually pretty excited to see what Stamos brings to the show. It should be interesting. Even if Sheen sobers up and wants to come back, i hope Stamos still comes on board to see what he does with everything.

I like the comment on the site "Awesome maybe they will have even more hot chicks since they get to kiss Stamos instead" lol

Crazay3528d ago

Ya the girls just seem to love that guy eh. For me he's always going to be Uncle Jesse though. It could be fun to see him in another role wether it's the same type of character as SHeen plays with Charlie or a completely different one. You have to hope that they don't do the "Ones a slob, One's a neat freak" kinda story because then you just have The Odd Couple.

Soldierone3528d ago

Im gonna say it depends on how they approach differnt scenerios.

My guess is they will make Sheen a bad guy in some way, maybe betrays his brother or something, then Stamos comes in and "saves the day" and for an episode or two its all fine and dandy, then Stamos realizes they are just gonna smooch off of him and the comedy kicks in. My guess is he will still be a ladies man, but it will be in a "nicer" way, like a charming guy more than a jerk that just wants to get laid.

IF Sheen does come back, it will probably play out as a competition between the two. Stamos is bringing in all the chicks, Sheen wants the chicks but cant get them etc...

Crazay3528d ago

You honestly think he'd stick around for some sort of story arch like that where he's in competition with another Don Juan? Clearly as he's demonstrated in recent days, his ego is far too big and there is just no way he would ever entertain that. Especially is he was being portrayed as a loser.

Soldierone3527d ago

The thing is, sooner or later real life is gonna smack him in the face. If it happens to be sometime soon and he realizes what he is giving up, then yeah i think he will be willing to do something like that.

Given the circumstances i dont think thats likely though. They already let the Stamos thing leak out, so now people are gonna be wanting that. Now sheen doesn't have an upper hand anymore. Before the studio wanted him to an extent, now they couldn't care less.

Will Sheen wake up? I doubt it, but if he does i think thats the story arch theyd take.

Crazay3527d ago

I know what you're saying but I really don't see him allowing that kind of story to happen under his watch.

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Liamario3527d ago

It's a terrible show. Never found it funny and most people with any decent level humour don't find it funny either.

JL3527d ago

I wouldn't call it terrible, but it wasn't everything that I fully got into. It was decent and moderately humorous at some points in what I watched. But it definitely was never so good that I had to keep tuning in or felt inclined to. I really never did understand the huge mass appeal of it. Kinda got old quick.

Liamario3527d ago

I think you said it best with, "got old quick".
I think the show definitely appeals to the lowest common denominator.

Tzuno3527d ago

charlie sheen has everything money house women what in the world was in his head he deserve every bad thing that comes with it's arrogance.

etowntwo3527d ago

2 and a half men is up there with Family guy as the funniest shows on TV.

Sheen is, without a doubt, the star of the show. if he is out, cancel the show and start another that is similar with Stamos.

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