The 2011 Summer Movie Season Begins Friday, March 4th

SlashFilm says:

We thought global warming was heating up the planet, but really it’s Hollywood. They’re making it summer all year long. The first weekend of May is generally considered the beginning of the summer movie season but, as those three months got more and more crowded, that date slowly crept into late April. Now, 2011 changes that like never before.

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darklordzor3730d ago

Technically isn't this the "Spring" movie season? I mean let's not start talking summer blockbusters until it's actually here. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for al of the upcoming movies, but it doesn't have to be part of the Summer Season to be considered good, does it?

Soldierone3730d ago

In AZ we dont even know what Spring is. But in business terms you are indeed correct. Spring goes through April till mid May.

However you dont get appreciation for anything in Spring. Everything gets forgotten, just like video games. It can be awesome and breath taking, but no one remembers it. Blockbusters make it huge, get big money. Fall releases usually get nominated for Oscars etc...Thats why movie releases have been terrible lately.

Crazay3730d ago

Rough life out there in Arizona =P.

It does seem to me that the "Summer Blockbuster Season" is starting up just a little earlier every year though.

Christopher3729d ago

Eh, can't say I agree with their assessment. I'll give it that some of these could be seen as potentials for summer blockbuster fillers (Sucker Punch), but none of them really sing to me as the start of the summer blockbuster period (Matt Damon is a known actor, but not a summer blockbuster actor). None of them have the typical lead actor who does well with blockbusters (Rango has the voice of one) and most of them are not really out there as hot titles for the general public.

For me, I think Thor kicks it off a bit early the first week in May, but by the end of May you have a full on blockbuster weekend with Hangover 2, Kung Fu Panda 2, and PotC: On Stranger Tides. Then of course June has X-Men, Cars 2, and Green Lantern (though, not sure how well that will do).

So, I think end of May is really the start of it, as usual. Don't see the potential for blockbuster numbers with anything up until May, IMHO.