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Will Smith Attached To Joe

Empire says:

For a while there, it was looking like Will Smith was choosing to permanently be known as a producer and the driving force behind getting his kids to slowly take over the entertainment world. Well, between suiting back up for Men in Black III and the variety of other possible films he has simmering away in development, it looks like Will Smith: actor might just be back. And now, according to the writers of the movie, it appears he’s adding another likely project, Biblical update Joe.

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Crazay3720d ago

Finally - I really like Will Smith. For the longest time he was The King of the summer box office. I really hope this is the start of him getting back to that.

darklordzor3719d ago

I'm down for it. I too miss seeing Will Smith in more movies. Seems like he's been absent for a while. Hopefully that'll change soon though. The story sounds interesting. Honestly I hope they stick with the biblical themes and not water them down in order to snag more people.

Crazay3719d ago

I suspect you'll see it watered down to a large degree. I don't think there are too many people with the stomach or want to see a movie about anything biblical or at least preachy.

Soldierone3719d ago

Damn! I read the title and thought "HELLS YES GI JOE!" and i was soon disapointed, to an extent. i love anything Will Smith does, thats a given so of course im excited. I just wish this joe was GI Joe in some way lol.

Crazay3719d ago

LOL - I actually thought the same exact thing when I saw the article and re-read it thinking damn, Will Smith should be involved with GI Joe.