Game-Sait: 2011 Movie Guide

Game-Sait takes a quicklook at which movies which will be gracing or disgracing the big screen this year. From Sucker Punch to Sherlock Holmes 2.

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-MD-3730d ago

Sucker Punch! - Most excited I've been for a film since Kick-Ass
Pirates: On Stranger Tides - Jack Sparrow why else?
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - for mindless explosions =)
Sherlock Holmes 2 - for Noomi Rapace and Downey Jr.

Interested in:
Green Lantern - purely because of the cast
Thor - for Portman and Jeremy Renner's cameo
XMEN:First Class - for Matt Vaughn
Captain America -
Cowboys and Aliens

Might not even watch:
Conan the Barbarian
Mission Impossible

GoDHanDSama3730d ago

Captain America would've been a good watch, then I remembered I don't think Captain America is cool so I might just skip it.

darklordzor3730d ago

Lots of movies I'm looking forward to this year....sadly I probably won't get to see any of them in the theater. I just don't have a one reliable anyway and I don't want to keep making my wife stay home alone with the boy so I can go out and have fun at a movie. It's the reason I missed most of the big movies last year too.