DVD and Blu-ray Releases for the Week of March 1, 2011

Another week and that means another round of movies hitting shelves. In this weekly feature, I bring you the latest movies coming out on DVD and Blu-ray for the week. This week’s releases include the critically-acclaimed 127 Hours, Faster, Burlesque and Love and Other Drugs. Also, we have a Blu-ray box set release of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, as well as a Blu-ray release of Disney’ Bambi and The Cable Guy.

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-MD-3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I actually saw the advertisements earlier for the first time for 127 Hours on blu-ray and it is bad. The commercial just shows Franco diving into water and climbing with absolutely nothing about him falling and getting stuck pinned against a wall so where is the draw there to people that don't know what the movie is already about?

Well the film itself is fantastic and I recommend everybody and their moms check it out asap as it's a MUST SEE.

Faster was also a good time too especially the first half of the film. The main character literally has 5 lines of dialogue in the entire film and it held my attention throughout. If you're into revenge type films check that one out too.

JL3731d ago

I agree 127 Hours was a very fine movie that everybody should see. I've seen it once already but will be adding it to my collection soon enough.

Faster I might check out on Netflix at some point. Burlesque? LOL Right. And Love and Other Drugs I really didn't care for enough to warrant watching it again.

I might consider getting Bambi on Blu-ray too.

Soldierone3730d ago

You saw a commercial for it?! I havent seen anything for it after it left theaters, not a single commercial. I just saw a Bambai commercial on Blu Ray as im typing this, and ive been awake for 5 hours and already say a commercial for Faster like 15 times and im not even paying attention to the TV. This is just today. Ive been seeing Faster non stop everyday for a week or two now and it looks good.

Crazay3730d ago

127 Hours is one of the rare movies that grabs you by the throat and really puts you in the main character's shoes. The feeling of despair, fear and self realization was so well conveyed to me as a viewer that I was glued to my seat. A damn good movie with a very good performance by James Franco.

I/m thinking I'll get Bambi for my daughter because she loves it when my wife reads the story to her at night.

darklordzor3730d ago

I might pick up Bambi, if only to help fill out the Disney's either that or wait another few years for them to release it again.

127 Hours I'll at least rent. Faster as well. Probably will pick up Love and Other Drugs...good stuff this week.

Soldierone3730d ago

Im defo going to check out 127 hours. While stuff like amputating your arm totally grosses me out, i still find an interest in it and need to see it. Hopefully Redbox has it tomorrow, since Blockbuster raised their in store prices again and i cant afford to buy it lol.

Faster also looks interesting. if MD is right about the no dialogue then i am even more interested! Glad to see "the rock" back into action movies instead of those cheesy Disney crap movies.

Dont really care about the other two, but the GF might be interested.

JL3730d ago

Redbox doesn't list 127 Hours at all in the month of March. So, you may be waiting a while. And for those squeamish ones 127 Hours can be rough. That stuff never bothers me (I even sat there eating while watching that scene lol) but I can definitely see why it turned people's stomachs and such.

Soldierone3730d ago

It doesnt show him actually cutting through his arm does it? UGH! That will kill me!

I just found out Blockbuster Kiosks got it exclusive...they are so stupid. Probably going to be a "premium" release so ill have to pay 3 dollars a night for it....

JL3730d ago

Yea probably will cost you a bit extra since they went and bought exclusive rights for it like that.

And yes, it actually shows him cutting through his arm. Really, if you're squeamish it's gonna make you undoubtedly cringe. It does get fairly graphic. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be from early reports. But it's fairly graphic. There's close ups on him jabbing the knife in and actually cutting through.

Soldierone3728d ago

Picked up bother 127 hours and Faster at Blockbuster kiosk. There dumb "premium" charge was 4 bucks a night for 127 hours, but i really wanted to see it. Redbox didnt have Faster in so i just gave blockbuster more money.

However both are pretty good films worth checking out. 127 hours is absolutely amazing. Faster was a lot better than i thought itd be, but its not like breath taking or anything. Just a fun revenge film to watch for the hell of it.