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Matt Damon's Best Movie: Good Will Hunting


[With The Adjustment Bureau hitting theaters on Friday, we at Cinema Blend we've been thinking a lot about Matt Damon, and the star power that has kept him in the public eye for 15 years now. Starting off as a fresh-faced kid in the mid-90s, morphing into a bona fide action hero in the early 00s and snagging two Oscar nominations (and one win) along the way, he's had a career so varied that you can get into a lengthy argument with a friend about which film is his best, and both of you can be right. Which is exactly what we did, finally deciding we'd each pick a favorite and sing its praises. Kicking things off is Mack, who brings us back to 1997's Good Will Hunting, the film for which Damon and Ben Affleck won their famous screenwriting Oscar.]

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darklordzor3719d ago

I don't know that this is his best movie, but obviously it was very influential. I think he's gone beyond this film and has done fantastic jobs in other movies.