What to Watch Now: 5 Films You May Have Missed in 2010

Well, last night was the 83rd Academy Awards: a night eagerly anticipated each year not only by Hollywood, but also by all of us movie-lovers at home. There were the usual robberies (Portman was great, but Lawrence should have won Best Actress), the obvious no-brainers (who doubted Christian Bale would win Best Supporting Actor?), and plenty of awkward moments (many thanks, Anne Hathaway), but now that the Oscars are over and we have been told who did what best according to the Academy, I thought I'd take a minute to mention a few films that were overlooked this year.

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Sunny_D3528d ago

I missed these movies because I never heard of them! I have to watch Black Swan, King's Speech, How to train your dragon etc... before I can watch these.

-MD-3528d ago

Why exactly do you have to watch those other films before you watch these?

Sunny_D3528d ago

I don't know, I guess because they have been in the media's attention as well as being Oscar nominated movies, so I want to watch these before I watch the others. Because, nowadays I don't have much time to watch all the movies I wish I could.

-MD-3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Alright lets see here.

Please Give - I have it downloaded, it's on my list to watch just haven't got around to it.

Night Catches Us - Never even heard of it o_O... will watch trailer

Welcome to the Rileys - Saw it and thought it was pretty decent. I'm a Gandolfini fan though so I may be biased.

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger - I also know nothing about it but I did know it existed. Will watch trailer.

Animal Kingdom - Also downloaded and on the list of things to watch. I download movies like everyday so it can take months for me to get around to a movie.

JL3528d ago

I've heard of all of them. However, the only one I've seen is Animal Kingdom. It was a pretty decent movie.

I'm also a Gandolfini fan, so I may get around to WElcome to the Rileys. I'm also an Oliver Platt fan so I might get around to Please Give. Night Catches Us looks like it could be a well acted movie, but at the same time might ultimately just bore me a bit.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger: Good cast, however I never really got into Woody Allen movies. Just never appealed to me. And it looks like it's such a chick flick--in a Woody Allen way.

Entropic3528d ago

I personally haven't seen Animal Kingdom or Night Catches us, so I'm glad Kaili (the author) called those out.

On a separate random note, I had no idea Ridley Scott had a son who was directing. The legacy will hopefully live on!