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New Pirates Of The Caribbean Trailer Contains Lots Of Swashing And Buckling


Much as nobody seemed all that interested in a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie when it first went into production last summer, the more we get a look at the movie it actually looks promising. The Super Bowl trailer showed off a lot of swashbuckling and not too much self-aware silliness, and now a longer trailer for the UK has shown up online that gives us a lot of the same. The framework is the direct camera address from Jack Sparrow that's been around at least since the summer, but cut in the middle is what looks like a lot of new footage. Honestly, it's kind of hard to tell what's new and what's not, but we definitely get good looks at the "zombies, cutthroats and mermaids" that Jack promises he'll encounter on his quest for the Fountain of Youth.

Check out the new video below, and let me know what you see in there that looks particularly new and exciting. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides hits theaters on May 20, and against all odds, I'm actual...

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Sunny_D3729d ago

Well, I'm glad that they are still going to exotic locations to make their videos rather than use CGI to create it. It seems that's what movie makers do nowadays.

doctorstrange3728d ago

They did cut it down a lot for this movie - only London and Hawaii if I remember correctly

JL3728d ago

I think it filmed in a couple other places in England other than London. I think a couple other places in England were used for exterior location shooting. While London was mainly studio shooting (maybe some exterior, but definitely some studio work). Also, I'm pretty sure they did some shooting in LA as well.

Christopher3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Saw the 3D trailer when I went to see Drive Angry* the other night. Really hated the over use of swords pointing out from the screen. It seemed like they were trying to hard to make a reason for 3D without realizing what effect it would have on the 2D audience once again. What I mean is that a sword popping out at you in 3D is a sign of how menacing it's supposed to be against the opponent, but in 2D it just looks like they didn't care to share you who he's being menacing towards. One of the biggest issues I have with movies being directed for viewing in 3D, IMHO.

*I know it sucks, but the wife wanted date night and I absolutely refused to see a romantic comedy with Kutcher or a movie about the Biebs. Movie would have been much better if it had less Cage and a lot more Fichtner with his usual attitude.

JL3728d ago

When given the option, I always opt to go to the 2D version of movie. Partly because it's just cheaper, but largely because they just don't do it proper to make it worthwhile most of the time. The usage of the technology doesn't blend in naturally, it feels tacked on like a gimmick.

Soldierone3728d ago

I choose 2D for a couple reasons if given the chance.

-Its cheaper. 3D here is like 14 dollars a tickets, meanwhile i can get student tickets for a 2D film for 7 dollars.

-I get headaches with the longer films. if something is in 3D ad its pushing 2 hours or longer, i wont be able to stand it as i get a major headache. Plus the glasses dont stay on my head, my GF makes fun of me for it all the time.

If the movie is good then yeah ill probably go back and see it in 3d just to toss them extra money, not that it makes a differnce.

However I also do agree with the whole filming for 3D and forgetting the 2D audience. Resident Evil did just that. In 3D that movie looked so cool and had a whole differnt feel to it. Watched it again in 2d and it sucked.

Christopher3726d ago

That is kind of the annoying thing they're doing nowadays as well: there was no option to watch either Drive Angry or Gnomeo & Juliet in 2D unless we went to the lesser theaters in our area that we don't like.

Again, though, I'd gladly pay the $4 more to watch a movie in 3D than sit through a Kutcher or Biebs movie.

-MD-3729d ago

I'm looking forward to this one more than the other 3. Why wouldn't I want a Pirates film with Sparrow as the main character? I would have gladly gotten rid of Kiera and Bloom earlier if I had the option.

Sunny_D3729d ago

Nah man. I think these 3 were what made the 1st 3 movies. Now, it will seem kind of lacking without them. It just won't feel the same. I mean the 3 had a connection with one another. But, him on his own, I guess it will be enjoyable.

JL3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I have to disagree (and agree with M_D...kinda). It won't bother me that they're gone. Of course I didn't mind them being in the first three. But I won't miss them. Knightley and Bloom didn't make the movie. That was all Depp/Sparrow. Sorry, but he made the movies. Without him there was no movie and he carried the whole thing. Knightley and Bloom were solid supporting characters, but essentially that's all they were: support. That can easily be replaced.

Though, I'm not looking forward to this more than the others. It's about equal really. Definitely looking forward to seeing Captain Jack Sparrow back though.

Soldierone3729d ago

That has to be one of the most well done trailers i have seen lately. Usually they take the announcer and do the easy route, this actually had a character talking to the screen and it somewhat felt like you were on the Disney ride. You know where this all started.

im excited for this film, probably more excited for it than anything else coming out this year.

-MD-3729d ago

The part with Sparrow talking to the camera directly is actually recycled from earlier promotions for the film.

Soldierone3728d ago

Yeah but they continued it. I dunno, i just think its the most creative and better advertising ive seen in a while. Its better than the standard layout most trailers have.

darklordzor3728d ago

Not sure I'm more excited for this than anything else (it's a big summer season), but I will say I'm far more excited for it than I have been in the past. The footage is getting better with each trailer and the film is looking very fun.

JL3728d ago

Agreed. That trailer was pretty awesome. I really liked that touch about it. Maybe not more excited than any other movie (Sherlock Holmes 2 comes to mind), but definitely real excited.