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Sony Launches Innovative Contest for Film Students

Sony Electronics have announced a new contest to allow film students a chance to receive the latest in filmmaking technology. This contest will challenge students to flex their creativity and showcase their filmmaking abilities. The multi-round contest will see students making a series of 3-minute shorts. The winner will be determined by a panel of judges as well as public votes.

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Sunny_D3527d ago

This is a good project. Any students that want to get a their foot in the industry like Soldierone will surely want to try this out. I would try, but I suck at movie making lol.

Soldierone3527d ago

Absolutely! Thank goodness I was already working on a film too. All the more reason to finish it now.

Crazay3526d ago

This is a pretty cool contest. If only the technology was as cheap and accessible when I was young as it is today. I probably would have followed or tried to follow the dream.

I still say you let me have a special advance screening of your flick Soldier.