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Inception Wins Fandango Fan Choice Award

Well, we know Inception didn’t walk away with the Best Picture Oscar last night. However, it did walk away with several of those golden trophies in the technical department. We also know that Christopher Nolan didn’t even receive a nomination in the Best Directing category at the Oscars. A lot of fuss was made over this (rightfully so I believe). Nor did he even get the win when it came to his great screenplay. However, many don’t take this to heart too badly as it’s pretty known that The Academy can be a somewhat snooty bunch when it comes to picking winners. Afterall, the somewhat boring The King’s Speech did win Best Picture. Only further solidifying the perception that “Oscar bait” truly does win over The Academy. However, Nolan and Inception received a little bit of retribution today.

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Sunny_D3725d ago

Well, it may not be better than an Oscar, and the crew at Inception don't even know about this award let alone website, but it's the thought that counts. :)

Crazay3725d ago

I really enjoyed Inception but did any of you guys actually truly think it would win Best Picture?

JL3725d ago

Not at all really. I mean if I was giving out the awards, I'd call it my Best Picture, but I never really expected the Academy to give it that.

Crazay3725d ago

I think it won all the right awards - The story was good and original and the acting was decent but the true star of the show was the visuals.

Soldierone3725d ago

The movie gets praise daily from everything but the Acadamy. The Acadamy seems to be more for reconizing films that dont get that attention by themselves. Thus Inception is a winner, but they dont need to tell us that.