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Devil May Cry Headed To The Big Screen

Screen Gems has purchased the rights to produce a feature film based on Capcom’s popular video game series, Devil May Cry.

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Soldierone3719d ago

Can honestly say Its about friggin time. It has one of the best stories in the first and third games, and vampires are hot right now. This should be awesome as long as Uwe Boll isnt directing it.

Sunny_D3719d ago

Yeah, but who didn't see it coming. I mean it's like almost every games is being turned in to a movie nowadays.

darklordzor3718d ago

Not all of them. There are still tons of games out there with no one looking at them for movies, but probably need it. Comic Books are the hot thing right now. When they finally figure out how to successfully adapt a videogame movie, then we'll start getting flooded with them.

-MD-3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Never followed the story of DMC but the games were fun (2 and 4) those were the only ones I played. I'd check something like this out.

Perfect Dark movie next? Please? Yeah right..

Soldierone3719d ago

Are you kidding me! You skipped the two best games in the entire franchise and played the least favorable ones....

DMC1 is godly! and DMC3 revived everything. DMC2 wasn't good, and DMC4 was rehashed what DMC3 did and could of been better. Geez just talking about it, i want to go back and play it now.

-MD-3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Lol I played 2 because my brother bought it on PS2 and I played 4 when I rented it for 360.

I didn't finish either of them.

Edit: I think I played the third one at a buddies house.

Soldierone3719d ago

The story isn't as great in 4 if you just jump into it without knowing whats going on, so i dont blame you for not finishing it.

However do yourself a favor and go pick up DMC1 its probably one of the greatest games I ever played. And when you get to it, play DMC4 on PS3 where it belongs lol

-MD-3719d ago

I would if I had a PS2. I have one of those those 40GB PS3s that doesn't have backwards compatibility.

Maybe when the PS4 (lol) comes out it'll be able to play PS2 games again. Or Sony could get off their ass and start selling PS2 games over psn like the rumors have been saying for years.

Soldierone3719d ago

There is a rumored PS2 HD collection coming, but that might not be here till the new DMC comes out. Who knows.

If you were around me id get you a PS2 just to play it lol. Sadly you reminded me i cant play my DMC1 cus my fatty got sold lol....

Sunny_D3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Man, if they do a remake collection in HD. I will be on that day 1. But, this isn't N4G. Shhhhh

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Sunny_D3719d ago

Rofl, did you deliberately play the worst games in the series? I mean you didn't play 1 and 3?? Especially 3? Man, those were the best. Nero sucks, Dante showed the meaning of badass in 1 and 3.

MaideninBlack3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Sounds like it'll be based on the PS2 games. I wonder who will play Dante...

Sunny_D3719d ago

It will be a skinny emo kid like Rob Patterson. D:

Soldierone3719d ago

Oh god! Do NOT give them any ideas like that. However it is Sony doing this and they did a pretty fine job of making us all hate the making of Uncharteds film so you are probably right....

Im hoping its more a badass character and they keep that feeling of Dante...the badass that doesnt care! attitude!

darklordzor3718d ago


Well, in all honesty he does kind of look that part...him or Hayden Christensen.