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Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, & Christoper Nolan on The Avengers & The Dark Knight Rises

The actors and director were as tight lipped as ever while on the red carpet at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, yet a slight bit of information was shared for fans salivating for morsels of news of 2012's most sought after films.

First, Jeremy Renner let it be known that he will be doing specialized training for the role of Hawkeye in Avengers. He stated, "There's some training I have to do, some archery lessons, obviously."

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-MD-3720d ago

Renner is going to be awesome in the Avengers. He stole every scene in The Town (or was that just me?). I don't know anything about the comic character he is playing but he better not get pushed aside for the more popular characters.

I'm actually looking forward to Thor now (honestly it looks lame) to see that cameo.

Crazay3720d ago

i think that char is a very tertiary character in the world of the Avengers.

-MD-3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Why give such a part to him then? He's a great actor why not give him a more popular role to play? I knew the character he was playing would take backburner to the likes of Ironman and Hulk but really.

He's like the best actor in that whole cast next to Downey.

Crazay3720d ago

Hey man if I made the rules...then to be honest I wouldn't fartin' around here with you guys talking about movies - I'd be too busy snortin coke living the life of a Hollywood party animal.

Sunny_D3720d ago

Rofl, Crazy now that is funny. I like your sense of humor. But, if I was in Hollywood. I would be doing something to keep myself relevant. Because, I would probably be a one hit wonder.

-MD-3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Rofl. Well played sir well played.

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Sunny_D3720d ago

I liked Renner a lot as well. I think if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have liked The Town as much as I do now. Man, that movie rocked.

Crazay3720d ago

I still haven't had the chance to see The Town but I keep hearing really good things about it.