Zach Galifianakis to Host 'Saturday Night Live' March 12

EW says:

Here’s something that is so Raven: NBC has confirmed that Zach Galifianakis is set to host Saturday Night Live‘s March 12 episode with musical guest Jessie J. This will be the Hangover Part II and Bored to Death star’s second time hosting — and, hopefully, not his last.

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Crazay3154d ago

I don't hate this guy, I just don't get the massive infatuation with him since the original Hangover movie... Can someone enlighten me?

-MD-3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

I personally think he's the best thing to come out of comedies since Craig Robinson.

He's HILARIOUS to me. Did you laugh during the teaser for Hangover pt 2? I did. Him walking actually made me laugh. This probably explains why I enjoyed Due Date so much when everyone else on this site hated it.

Google 'between two ferns' and watch a couple of those. Or check out 'Bored to Death' he's really good in that series.

Off topic: Anyone else notice how active the comment sections have been for the last day or two? Hmm wonder why. Pad those scores up fellas'.

Crazay3154d ago

In total response to your question "Did you laugh during the teaser for Hangover pt 2?" I can say with all honesty - ...NO!

I might check out Due Date because JL thinks I may enjoy it due to its similarity to Planes Trains and Automobiles.

-MD-3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

No I know you didn't laugh at the teaser that's why I used it as an example. It wasn't even supposed to be funny. I was just trying to say that's how much I enjoy seeing Zach on screen. He to me is the new Chris Farley (yes I mean that) the second I see his face I'm ready to laugh.

Alright I'll get off the guy's nuts now but in all seriousness I think the attention he gets is deserved.

Edit: Insulting? Hardly. I find it to be a compliment. It's only insulting to you because you aren't a fan of his. To me it's a compliment.

Crazay3154d ago

I think you and I could be good online buddies but seriously? Farley? No Effin way. You may as well have said the next John Candy which is what many considered Farley to be.

To say that is just insulting to the memory of 2 great comedians.

Soldierone3153d ago

He is funny at times, but he by no means is Chris Farley at all lmao. No way in hell should they ever be the same.

Ive seen some "fat" comedians that are funny as hell, but this isnt one of them. Balls of Fury, whats his name, would better suit that role in the right situation than anyone.

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Sunny_D3154d ago

This dude is beast. Loved him in Hangover. He should be able to make Saturday Night Live enjoyable.

Soldierone3154d ago

I watched his stand up on Netflix and it was ok, but you really have to get used to his style humor. Its quiet and collect, it should be interested with SNL hosting. As for skits though, now that should be where he is funny.

Crazay3153d ago

I don't get the infatuation with him.... He's not that good right now but there are sparks of something special in there somewhere.

Soldierone3153d ago

To be honest Hollywood is just desperate for a new comdeian face right now and he is filling in fine. He isnt whats funny, its the people around him that make his actions funny.

Too bad Hollywood wont open up doors and let in fresh blood instead.

Sunny_D3153d ago

Well, I think he is great. I loved his Rainman part in Hangover. That was classic.

Crazay3153d ago

I actually thought the Dentist was far funnier. Especially with that gaping hole in his mouth because he ripped out his own freaking tooth. The idea makes me cringe and that was a a hard part for me to watch in Jackass 3.