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Inception Parody: Too Much Coffee

FilmMattic writes: For all those diehard Inception fans mourning last night's Best Picture outcome, Rooster Teeth Productions, an extraordinarily popular production group headquartered in Austin, Texas, has released a hilarious Inception/Family Guy satirical video. Specifically, this parody serves as a fantastically funny tribute of Christopher Nolan's masterpiece. Hopefully, it will help cure us all from our dissatisfied Oscar lull.

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Sunny_D3719d ago

That was lame, They need to do a better job than that.

-MD-3719d ago

Was the mission to make me not laugh? If so mission accomplished.

Sunny_D3719d ago

I laughed. At how stupid it was.

filmmattic3719d ago

I thought it was pretty creative. These guys have become incredibly popular with many of their live-action shorts, in particular their gaming spoofs.

Granted it wasn't loaded with laughs, but its premise was well executed. In totality, I thought it was extremely well put together.

Sunny_D3719d ago

Well, I liked their super hero movie spoofs like The Dark Knight or Iron man, but this wasn't so great.