Empire Magazine Features Sentinel Prime And Optimus Prime From 'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon'


TFW2005 Boards Member Shockwaved brings us scans from the latest Empire Magazine (April 2011). Guess who’s on the cover… It’s Sentinel Prime and the “all-new” Optimus Prime.

Inside the magazine (who once praised this very site for uncovering the Title of Transformers 3) are some scenes from the movie and Spoilers.

Take a look at the images (big thanks, Shockwaved) and spoilers (Thanks to knook), After the jump.

Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon will hit theaters on 1st of July, 2011.

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-MD-3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

The spoilers don't really spoil all that much for those of you holding back. I like the fact that they want to focus on the actual transformers this time (after all it is called 'Transformers' not 'Sam and his girlfriend run around and explosions happen') but I'll believe it when I see it.

They should have made the storyline similar to War for Cybertron's story. That was actually fun to play through and it kept me engaged.

Soldierone3531d ago

Didnt they say the focus was on the robots in the second one? And look where that got us lol.

Also I dunno if its just me, but the story of the second one wasn't appealing at all. Facing facts Michal Bay isnt strong with that, so if its gonna be a story he better let someone else develop that.

-MD-3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Yeah that's why I said I'll believe it when I see it lol. I'm going in to TF3 expecting nothing but explosions.

Sunny_D3531d ago

The second sucked. They were trying to make it about the robots, but failed with the close up fight scenes where you can't see anything. It really annoys me.

Sunny_D3531d ago

Oh the last pic with that mean looking transformers looks badass. I just hope it doesn't have hanging metal balls like part 2. -_-