What We Learnt From The 83rd Academy Awards

It’s time to roll out the red carpet again. The 83rd Annual Academy Awards were presented last night with the usual surprises, snubs and mistakes in tow as well as plenty of post speculation. For a three hour show not much excitement was involved to make the process generally pleasing or effective enough to remember a week or two from now. But like always the Academy Awards leaves viewers with valuable lessons learned each and every year. Here are some facts gained from the 83rd Academy Awards

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Soldierone3531d ago

Correction. You CAN make it appealing to a younger audience.

-Get rid of long "thank you everyone in the world, now ill list off all of you" speeches. My GF turned to me after the second one and said "you better not do that and you better be funny when you win one" lol

-Make the videos less high school oriented history films, and make them more modern. Have them more up beat, visually cool, etc...It takes new blood in Hollywood to do that and the fact it doesnt happen proves why Hollywood needs to open flood gates for a bit.

-Be like Conan and joke about everything, make the guests more exciting, less talking in mono-tone, more Justin Bieber jokes. More "dragon" jokes lol.

Fact is, you either make it completely formal and boring or you liven things up and make it more up beat. You TRULY want to appeal to a younger crowd? Then involve them more.

Crazay3531d ago

We all learned that I was right. Anne Hathaway SUCKS!!!

Soldierone3531d ago

Nobody wants to see this, but we are able to open our eyes. Its ok my friend *pats Crazay on back* lol

Crazay3531d ago


***Sniff*** Thanks Soldier. Good to see that someone cares. =P

Sunny_D3531d ago

James Franco was either stoned or incredibly unhappy to be hosting the event while Anne Hathaway was way too excited about job.

That had me rolling. lol

But, I learned that you can't give awards to all of the ones you think deserve it and no one will ever be happy with a performance.