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Five Things About This Year's Oscar Ceremony That Actually Worked


It's easy to complain about the Oscars-- I already did, focusing my frustration on James Franco-- but it's rare that an Oscar ceremony goes by where nothing works. And sure, this year a lot of the speeches were boring, a lot of the jokes fell flat, and the censors caught Melissa Leo's f-bomb in time to bleep it out. But there were things that worked, believe it or not, and even some tweaks to the ceremony that I think they ought to keep in place for years to come. Below were my five favorites parts of the show that were actually planned ahead of time-- as in, no acceptance speeches, but produced stuff--what I liked about them, and how they might be able to make it even better next time.

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Soldierone3527d ago

To be honest if Tangled wasn't one of the songs, i would of found the best song nominees singing really boring. The fact i had no interest in the second two songs proves it.

Also i think Francos quick smart remarks that barely got by were the best thing about the show. Like when he talks about how to train your "dragon" lol. he did it several times, and very few people caught it before Anne went on with something else.

Sunny_D3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

I think the only cool thing that they did for the Oscar's was when they were digitally inserted into the movies, that was pretty epic and seem funny. That is until they actually appeared.