Sacramento Area Hot Spot for Filming Movies

Hollywood was enamored by the Sacramento area almost as soon as California became a place to make movies.

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Soldierone3322d ago

We should move to AZ now, plenty of great places to film here! Plus it will help me get my foot in the door :P

Sunny_D3322d ago

Yeah, I heard it's really hard to get into the industry especially in today's climate. But, hopefully you get a chance.

Sunny_D3322d ago

I always thought of Sacramento as a not so friendly place for some reason. I never knew soo many people filmed movies there. I might go there, because my cousin lives in the same state.

Soldierone3322d ago

Not so friendly, means perfect for hollywood lol. Go to LA, its like the most un friendly place you will ever go. People are rude, alot of gangs, and its dirty as hell.

Id love to be apart of the film industry, but if im capable of doing it wihout living there i will.

Sunny_D3322d ago

What booooy, I'm from Compton! Come to South Central and you will see how we do things, motherf*cker! Lol, just kidding, but yeah, I know what you mean.

Soldierone3321d ago

Dont get me wrong, i dont mean to offend anyone. I go there for E3 and its like the most uncomfortanle thing for me lol. Im from AZ where the harshest we get is ghettos where illegal mexicans hang out lol

The thing about LA is its so misleading. When we got there it was night time and it was awesome, we stayed awake and it was so beautiful and peaceful during the morning. Then traffic hit and people went crazy and it was like wtf im not used to this! lol

Sunny_D3321d ago

Yeah, LA is probably the most dangerous highways and roads in the United States. I tell you, some of those drivers don't deserve a license. But, they are no where near the bad drivers in New York. If they could, they would probably drive over your car.