How James Franco's Hosting Ruined The Oscars


I'm an Oscar obsessive, one of those terrible people who would watch a six-hour ceremony gladly and silently cheers every time the show creeps on past midnight. But at some point during last night's telecast even I started getting antsy. From the out-of-place tributes to Best Picture winners of the past to the dirge-like Best Original Song performances to acceptance speeches low on drama and emotion, last night's Oscars felt particularly bloodless and slow-- and at the center of it all was James Franco, who did everything in his power to make it even worse.

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-MD-3531d ago

I think people are trying to find something to complain about. Everywhere you go right now it's "Franco sucked" "Franco bombed" "Hathaway was good, Franco blew it". I didn't watch the show (I saw some clips today of it) but I was keeping tabs on Franco's twitter page where he was uploading mini videos on stage and behind the set.

There was one particularly cool video where he put his phone in his pocket while it was on, walked to the stand and introduced someone to the stage, walked back off and took the phone out. That was a unique perspective and I thought it was really neat.

Plus people are saying he was high lol I'd smoke a joint before hosting the oscars too.

Soldierone3531d ago

The was one point where he at least pretended to be high lol, was near the end of the show. Then suddenly he just disapeared and Anne was doing everything alone. At that point i was done watching.

Its who he is, and if people dont like it then tough poop.

Sunny_D3531d ago

Franco lloked like he didn't get any sleep. I was like, dang what's up with his bags? Man, has he gotten any sleep before this day? Well, James said he didn't really care how he would perform, so maybe it was showing?

Soldierone3531d ago

No he just laid back guy like i said below

Soldierone3531d ago

This is stupid. Franco is a laid back guy, thats why I like him. He is like me, he is chill and his voice is chill and everything about him is chill. The second you tell him to do something, he becomes a new person. Thats exactly how I am and thats why im on Francos side.

Being that type of person you get shit all the time, no joke. It really ticks people off, because they dont understand. This proves it. To be honest the only time i laughed was during Franco's jokes and when Timberlake made fun of other guys before him.

And to be honest when your film loses to The Kings Speech id be a little mad too. Anne Hathaway was Anne Hathaway, like i said before thats what she does.

-MD-3531d ago

They knew they weren't going to win against King's Speech. Danny Boyle actually said Satans spawn has a better chance at winning than 127 Hours does.

He went in knowing he wasn't taking that award.

Soldierone3531d ago

Yeah and you gotta think that would put you down. If someone said that to me id be pretty sad by it to. You just put your heart into this film and someone says a dogs turd will win before you do, you wouldn't losen up a little bit and care all the little bit less?

Im not saying thats the exact reason, there are plenty of reason. the main reason is probably because his audience is us, 20 something year olds with a majority being interested in weed. And guess how he acted? In relation to us because he is one of us.

Sunny_D3531d ago

If someone said that to me, I would be pissed. I mean I feel like hurting myself, after putting so much effort into a movie, until someone says you're nothing compared to this one... I would have not cared for the rest of the night and understand why Franco acted the way he did.

tunaks13531d ago

it was pretty lame,
and franco has the nerve to call Ricky's hosting horrible.

Sunny_D3531d ago

Well, I wouldn't say Ricky was terrible, but I still think James did a better job than him, but that's my opinion.

tunaks13531d ago

ricky was the only reason i watched the Golden Globes, even watching snippets of it now makes me laugh. On the other hand I wasn't expecting Franco to do hand stands, he was just...there.

Sunny_D3531d ago

and at the center of it all was James Franco, who did everything in his power to make it even worse.

He is being too harsh on France. Sure, his hosting was kind of weak, but it's not like he was the only host. There was also Anne, so why is he getting all the blame? Why is everyone expecting so much out of James, and not Anne?

Soldierone3531d ago

Because Franco (france in your world ;p ) is the laid back one that will take it and not cause a stir. AKA he is the easy target.

You could point out all the things Anne did wrong (even forgot her lines and jumbled words several times) but they can always point back to Franco "being high" and lame. which he wasnt, i thought he was funny.

-MD-3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Seriously what's up with him calling him France? That's like the 5th time.

NateCole3531d ago

Its weird when the hosting of a ceremony is more important to people than the actual content. What does that say about hollywood?.