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Black Swan on Blu-Ray and DVD March 29th


20th Century Fox Home Entertainment announced today that Black Swan, for which Natalie Portman received an Oscar last night, will hit Blu-ray and DVD on March 29.

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-MD-3719d ago

Which means I probably only have to wait until the 20th to see it. I finally get to see what I've been missing out on for all these months. Can't believe it's so soon too usually when dvds are announced the release isn't a few weeks away but they're doing this purely because of the oscar attention it's getting.

Good news for those of us waiting to see it though.

Sunny_D3719d ago

Awww man, I never got time to see it in theatres. But, I guess I will wait to watch it on Netflix and if it's really good Blu ray.

-MD-3719d ago

It's still playing in theaters. Go see it before it's gone.

Sunny_D3719d ago

Really? I always thought that when the movie is done showing in theatres, that's when they sold the dvd's and blu rays. That's nice, will watch with gf.

Soldierone3719d ago

No when they get Oscar nominations they put them back in select theaters to make more money off of it. Usually they get re released too if they made a ton of money and a lot of nominations or wins.

Soldierone3719d ago

Interesting ill be sure to check it out for sure when it is released. Its no longer in any of my local theaters due to new movies.