Shadowlocked- Ten Actors Who Went To Extremes For Movie Roles

Shadowlocked - Following Christian Bale's and Natalie Portman's success at the Oscars last night, Shadowlocked looks at 10 actors that have that extra yard in preparation for a role.

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-MD-3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Bale's body transformation was pretty gross. You could see his entire spine and basically every single part of his body. He looked like he was 90 lbs. I would never be able to pull that off so props to him. It must have been one of the hardest things in the world to pull off.

Soldierone3530d ago

Let alone its the most un healthy thing you could possibly do. He could of died doing it if he went from a big muscle batman to that and kept changing like that.

-MD-3530d ago

I'm sure he had someone monitoring him frequently. Someone with his money in his position would be insane not to.

Soldierone3530d ago

Still there are just things you cant control. What if his mind didnt want to eat anymore. There isnt anybody capable of force feeding him. im almost positive he used some diet pills to kill his apetite and energy stuff so he wasn't dead all the time.

He probably took a few years off his life just by doing that.

luke12345673530d ago

Totally agree mate - I cannot even begin to imagine how little he must have ate!

Tbh, did you read this piece? The Daniel-Day Lewis one is about suffering for your art!

-MD-3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

I read the ones from the films that I had actually seen. I should have added that the scene from Clockwork Orange made me wince like a baby. Anything involving someones eye's makes me shed tears uncontrollably.

Edit: Painful but I'm confused as to how he broke 2 ribs. Being hunched over doesn't break bones. Care to fill me in?

Sunny_D3530d ago

The ones that pop out to me when asked that question has always been Bale and Ledger. These 2 really know how to BECOME the role.

Soldierone3530d ago

Im actually in the middle of an argument on how i dont like Bale a lot of the time. lol....

Sunny_D3530d ago

Why? He knows how to change it up. He can be some psycho if he wants, be an insomniac who is really thin, or be a calm badass.

Soldierone3530d ago

Is it just me, or is Portman getting a little too much credit? Of all the nominees she is the obvious winner, but other than that it isnt like one for the history books or anything.

luke12345673529d ago

@ M_D - think about it. He - a fully-abled individual - spend two months entirely in a wheel chair. The hunched position put extra pressure on the ribs, causing him to break two. It's sort of similar to a small collision - intense pressure on the ribs can't be good...