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52 Most Iconic Pop Songs in Movies

Anomalous Material writes:
Who hasn’t heard a familiar pop song on the radio only to be transported back to the film that featured it? You probably never even paid a second thought, let alone liked that particular song before it became associated with that cinematic sequence. Yet, it was such a perfect complement to that one moment in the movie that you now know the lyrics by heart. In honor to that fleeting but powerful connection between music and film, we count down 52 of the most iconic pop songs in movies.

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-MD-3719d ago

'I Believe I Can Fly' lol I remember playing that song to dead when I owned Space Jam.

'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' should have been #1 easily. That was the first thing that popped into my head. I've never even seen Casablanca.

Sunny_D3719d ago

Oh god, that song always likes to bring a tear to my eye. I have to add it to my ipod, because I always forget. But, man Jordan's story for some reason is always heart felt to me.

Sunny_D3719d ago

Man Lose Yourself was awesome when it came out. Nowadays, Eminem doesn't do the same music like he used to. Also, it isn't a Pop Song. What he does now is Pop. But, this was rap. Awww, whatever. Now, you hear it on a Chrysler commercial.

Soldierone3719d ago

Yeah this was when rap was good and now all we get is black and yellow crap that no one can stand. :P

At least Eminem is making an attempt to go back to rap with his new CD but it isnt the same. Its all about his new issues on life and killing people.

-MD-3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

You want good rap? Check out Lupe Fiasco 'words i never said' 'the die' 'hip-hop saved my life'. That's good rap.

Black and Yellow remix is better than the normal one too. Only reason that song gets so much flak is because it gets played every 10 seconds.

Also I really enjoyed Em's Recovery. Much better than Relapse.

Edit: Here are some links

Soldierone3719d ago

Just checked em out, and I dont like it. Not sure what it is, but its not the same as the rap i like. He tries to pull the Eminem "say words a differnt way so it rhymes" but it doesnt work for me.

Sunny_D3719d ago

Oh yeah definitely. I have been waiting for Lupe's Lasers album for a long time. I just hope he finally releases it.

-MD-3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

For real? What kind of rap do you like? Everyone agrees Lupe is a beacon of hope in the rap/hip-hop genre.

Good beats, intense true lyrics, great flow. What's not to like?

@Sunny_D - That's whats up, Lasers releases March 8th. Yeah you heard me. 8 days.

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Soldierone3719d ago

Damn nice list. Not sure about some of them, but i respect them enough to let them be on the list. Very good research and effort put in this one.